ToolsGroup Launches Integrated In-Season Retail Inventory Optimization Solution

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ToolsGroup, a global leader in retail and supply chain planning and optimization software, today announced the launch of their In-Season Inventory Optimization Solution, an integrated suite of tools in the greater JustEnough retail planning and execution suite. This solution combines the award-winning JustEnough Allocation and Replenishment products with rebalancing and markdown optimization powered by EvoAIs quantum analytics and Inventory HUBs zero latency inventory tracking.

Retailers today need an integrated solution that is agile enough to adapt to even the smallest changes in demand. said Sahil Gupta, Chief Product Officer at ToolsGroup With cutting-edge AI driven forecasting and inventory optimization accessing real-time views of inventory, demand and operations, retailers can ensure the right products are in the right place at the right time at the right price to maximize profit no matter what happens.

Working capital constraints are hitting retailers hard just as inventory-to-sales ratios are reaching their highest-ever levels. No retailer can afford to misallocate or cut margins on that inventory, yet they are navigating unprecedented market uncertainty entering 2024. In-Season Inventory Optimization allows retailers to respond quickly to reality, sensing and adjusting to changes in demand in real time to maximize profits regardless of emerging challenges.

Core Benefits of In-Season Inventory Optimization:

  1. Minimal missed sales at the lowest possible cost through intelligent allocation that puts the right products on the right channels for higher inventory turns
  2. Real-time, store/item/size-level replenishment that adapts to even the smallest signals of changing demand from social trends to weather
  3. Fewer stockouts and minimal end-of-season waste thanks to full inventory visibility and optimization
  4. More sales with less inventory on hand as stock is dynamically moved across the network to where it will sell fastest
  5. Up to a 5.5pp increase in in-season margins through increased full-price sell-through and optimized markdowns

Retailers today must be able to thrive, not just survive, amidst certainty, said Inna Kuznetsova, CEO of ToolsGroup. Thats why weve launched In-Season Inventory Optimization with sophisticated quantum analytics that can sense even the smallest changes in customer demand in real time and instantly adjust strategy to maximize profits. This agility translates to optimal financial outcomes in even the most difficult markets.

ToolsGroup In-Season Inventory Optimization Solution is an integral part of the trusted JustEnough solution. JustEnough has long delivered unparalleled value and results to retailers around the world. With over 400 customers located in 45 countries, ToolsGroup enables intelligent real-time decision-making that transforms retail planning and execution. Customers report a 5% improvement in revenue growth on top of double-digit reductions in missed sales. Built-in automation cuts the planning workload by up to 90% and helps companies reduce waste by up to 30%.

Were excited to talk to you about our new In-Season Inventory Optimization solution. If youre here in New York City this week at NRF, come talk to us about it at ToolsGroups Booth: 3948.

Interested in how JustEnough can help you meet and exceed your in-season inventory and margin goals? Read more HERE.

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