Seasoned Trader Criticizes Ethereum, Sparks Crypto Investment Shift to Bitcoin Cash and Raboo

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Scalability and throughput are hallmarks of a solid crypto protocol. With increasing crypto use in payment solutions, users consider crypto investment opportunities with low trading fees and near-instant transaction processing times.

As a payment protocol, Bitcoin Cash has shown its seamlessness and scalability. However, network fees have always plagued Ethereum. This has caused many users to consider Raboo as a rising crypto in its ongoing presale. Here's how Raboo achieves low trading fees:

Ethereum: Increased Decentralization To Prevent Being Dubbed A Security

With increasing attention from institutional investors, Ethereum is in for a successful year. The asset hit a new all-time high in the short bull pump of 2024 Q1. JP Morgan revealed that increased decentralization may result in Ethereum being labeled a commodity. This follows just as a massive drop in staked Ether was recorded across centralized exchanges.

While Ethereum has implemented developments to improve scalability and reduce costs, it still trails behind other blockchains in this regard. The crypto giant migrated to a proof-of-stake model to improve scalability and reduce costs.

These developments have also increased Ethereum's decentralization. Many tokens and digital assets are built on Ethereum's Blockchain. While they enjoy the profitability, they also share in the drawbacks of their parent chain.

Bitcoin Cash: Second Halving Drives Up Asset Value

Bitcoin Cash completed its second halving event recently. The first halving in April of 2020 saw a slashing of miner rewards from 12.5 BCH to 6.25 BCH. A further halving has influenced the price of Bitcoin Cash. The asset experienced a slight downtrend that shook investors' positions pre-halving, with major losses recorded among investors. Shortly after the halving, Bitcoin Cash rebounded and continued on its bullish trail.

Price volatility is a common phenomenon during these major events. For a rising crypto, the eventual loss of weak traders could bear negatively on the platform. Bitcoin Cash (BCH) has seen steady adoption as a solid crypto investment for payment solutions.

Raboo: Fostering AI Integration Through Meme Culture And Community Growth

AI cryptos are making massive gains in the current market with investors looking for profitable protocols to back. Raboo has proven a suitable candidate with its unique features and services.

As an AI-powered protocol, Raboo is constantly evolving and learning while carrying its community along. Its presale has already seen massive success within the crypto industry with many buyers certain of the asset's profitability.

Moreover, Raboo fosters community growth by incentivizing community participation in activities organized by the protocol. As a memecoin, the asset is uniquely poised to harness the power of meme culture to aid its advancement.

Raboo provides access to DeFi services like NFTs, AI, and memes with fast transaction times and low trading fees. Every engagement with the protocol is rewarded with the native token. With its SocialFi architecture driving its presale to the moon, investors have the opportunity to cash in on its current $0.0036 valuation.


As with Bitcoin Cash, Raboo intends to provide scalable services for its users. The asset also embodies Ethereum's profitability to become a major crypto investment in the world of rising crypto projects.

The asset's current presale provides ample opportunity for long-term investment.

You can participate in the Raboo presale here.

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