Urgent Campaign Launched to Secure a Home for Patches, a Traumatized Cat

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Redlands, California Jun 4, 2024 (Issuewire.com) – A heartfelt campaign has been launched to find a secure home for Patches, a cat living with her owner, Jonathan Vishio, who is experiencing homelessness. The pair have been struggling on the streets for over a year, facing numerous challenges that have left Patches suffering from severe anxiety and PTSD.

Campaign Overview

In the heart of Redlands, Jonathan Vishio and his beloved cat, Patches, have faced the harsh realities of homelessness for more than a year. Jonathan’s unwavering dedication to Patches’ well-being highlights the deep bond they share, but the streets have taken a toll on her mental health. Now, they are seeking community support to provide Patches with a safe, stable home.

Patches’ Journey and Trauma

Patches’ trauma began when Jonathan sought help from a local rescue group while she was pregnant. Tragically, her kittens succumbed to a virus at the rescue, leaving her deeply distressed. The situation worsened when a coyote, attracted by her scent, circled their tent, heightening her anxiety. Although she has been spayed, the emotional scars remain.

Campaign Goals

Secure Housing: Provide Patches with a stable environment for recovery.

Baby Trailer: Ensure Patches can accompany Jonathan safely.

Consistent Cat Food Supply: Maintain Patches’ health and well-being.

Community Support and Awareness

This campaign has garnered attention, partly due to a video by Cats of San Bernardino showcasing Jonathan’s dedication to Patches. Community support is crucial to achieving the campaign’s goals and ensuring Patches finds a loving home.

Watch the Video

You can watch the heartwarming video created by Cats of San Bernardino here.

Jonathan’s Plea

“We’ve faced many challenges, and Patches deserves a safe place to call home,” says Jonathan. “Your support can make a significant difference in our lives.”

Current Struggles and Immediate Needs

With the arrival of summer, Jonathan and Patches’ situation remains unstable. Jonathan recently acquired a used bike, but Patches follows him everywhere, highlighting the need for a baby trailer to ensure her safety. They urgently need consistent access to cat food and a permanent home where Patches can regain her confidence and sense of security.

How to Help

Please share their story and spread awareness to help Patches find a permanent home. Your involvement can make a pivotal difference in their lives.

About Jonathan and Patches

Jonathan Vishio is an animal welfare advocate experiencing homelessness in Redlands, California. His dedication to Patches showcases the powerful bond between humans and their pets. Patches, a resilient and affectionate cat, has endured significant hardships. Her journey from the streets to a hopeful future in a permanent home is a testament to her strength and the deep bond she shares with Jonathan.

Link to the Campaign

Help Patches Find a Home

Contact Information

For more information, contact Jonathan Vishio at admin@catnipp3d.com or (762)340-5287.

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