Skilled Artist Mike Lawson Impresses His Fans With New Single ‘Jordan Davis Singles you Up’

Mike Lawson

The seasoned musician Mike Lawson is here with another bnager to impress his ardent music lovers. His newest single ‘Jordan Davis Singles you Up’ is out on YouTube.

Middle River, Maryland Jun 5, 2024 ( – Country music is one of the most popular and celebrated music genres in the world of music. Its ability to deliver raw emotions with very few musical compositions is one of the key factors behind its popularity in today’s world which has given many artists there fame and recognition around the globe. However, that does not mean versatility does not play a crucial role in a musician’s success and the seasoned artist Mike Lawson is a prime example of it. Throughout his entire music career, the artist has shown extremely well-made musical creations of original and cover songs. Now he has released another banger Jordan Davis Singles you Upon YouTube, which is already gaining quite a lot of hype from his audience on the platform. The cover song was released on the biggest video streaming platform on May 28th and has already crossed more than 9k views, showcasing the support and love the song has been getting from the viewers.

This new single is a cover song of ‘Singles You Up’ by Jordan Davis which was originally released in 2017. It was a breakout hit for the singer and gave him recognition on the worldwide platform of music. The song is about a breakup, an ending of a relationship which was actually inspired by the co-writer of the track, Justin Ebach’s engagement. Part of the reason why the song gained massive success upon release is because the original singer was able to reflect on the raw emotions of heartbreak through the lyrics, melodies, and vocals. Now that Mike Lawson has released a cover on his YouTube channel, it displays the same emotions of going through a difficult time following a heartbreak which is again attracting the viewers. Although it is a cover, the artist has given his own twist to the song, making it even more appealing to the audience. Starting from his vocals to the re-touched melodies in the composition, everything is a testament to the singer’s amazing and awe-inspiring talent that got the viewers hooked.

Catch the newest music video ‘Jordan Davis Singles you Up’ by Lawson on YouTube along with some of his previous releases such as ‘Concert – Covid 19 Sessions’, ‘Maroon 5 -She Will Be Loved’, ‘Tauren Wells- Hills and Valleys’, ‘The Silence Within Book Trailer’, etc. To stay updated, follow the musician on Instagram, and Facebook.

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